Juso University Group Kassel – Witzenhausen – Review and election manifesto

We are committing ourselves to a socially fair university. The following review of our achievements so far, as well as our election manifesto, breathes life into this slogan.

Educational opportunities should never be limited by financial conditions. Furthermore, any student should be supported by a social infrastructure. Therefore we want an open and solidary university and society, as well as socio-critical perspectives. That’s what we fight for as university group on campus, in committees and on the street!

Achieved a lot

We have achieved a lot within the last two years. The most important accomplishments were:

  • Office for everyone: On the initiative of us it was decided in July to provide Microsoft Office-products for students. According to the IT service center licenses will be available at the beginning of 2015.
  • ‘Kulturticket’ (cultural ticket) for everyone: With your Kulturticket at hand you may make use of 14 multifaceted, cultural offers at a reasonable price. It was us who implemented and even enlarged the ‚Kulturticket‘ afterwards.
  • Housing space for everyone: The housing market in Kassel is tense, hence we had organised a housing exchange, to help several students to find a room.
  • Good conditions of examination proceedings for everyone: We had revoked penalty points in multiple-choice tests and established a onetime fourth attempt at examination. We have been able to implement a mandatory post-exam review and ban the obligation to rework holidays during internships within the semester.

Next Aims

Within the upcoming 1,5 years we want to work on the following issues:

  • Multifaceted culture for everyone: student culture is important to us. That’s why we will take a stand for an exhibition room at the University of Arts (Kunstuni), enlarge the Kulturticket even further (cultural ticket), shape the relocation of the K19 to the Studierendenhaus and will fight for the preservation of the beer garden at the Cafe DesAStA.
  • Campus for everyone: We want an open and free campus. We stand for an expansion of accessibility and security without observation.
  • Fair studies for everyone: To reduce barriers, we support parent-independent Bafög. Students with children should be able to enroll in courses earlier. And we demand more online available contents.
  • Good studying conditions for everyone: We want to enable self-determined studies. Together with the Fachschaften (student councils), we will keep taking care, that the prohibiton of attendance lists will be carried out consistently. We demand a prohibition of the retry-duty to keep psychic strain as low as possible. Vacant rooms for learning must be made public.
  • Flexible mobility for everyone: mobility needs infrastructure. That means there have to be more and better bikeways and Konrad needs to be enlarged. We will support night buses during the week and covered bike parking spaces.
  • Strengthen social programmes: With a childcare apart from the main hours we want to unburden your studies. We want free food for students in need. We want to facilitate international studies. We support more parent-child-rooms and more housing space.
  • Peaceful and democratic university for everyone: We demand a proper civil clause which forbids military research at our university. The placing of third-party funds needs to be transparent. We demand university committees consisting of all three parties in equal shares (third parity).
  • Strengthen rights of student assistants: Within the alliance of student assistants in Hessen we achieved that unions will claim a labor contract for student assistants in their upcoming strike claims. We demand a minimum contract duration of 4 months. New jobs must principally be published, so everyone has a shot at a post.

For a socially fair university!